WorkTime features:


Monitor work from home

Monitor your not-in-office employees with remote computer monitoring program WorkTime!

Best prices on the market!

Create an “in-office” environment.

Keep productivity at a good level.

Receive real time information about logins/logouts, active/idle times and more!


Monitor attendance

Monitor and improve attendance.

Monitor employee computer idle time, track logins/logouts.

Equip yourself with the information if the employees actually perform during the day.


Monitor active & idle times

Long lunches, chatting with coworkers, frequent coffee breaks, using Internet, software and company’s computers for personal needs – all these activities increase idle time and, as a result, negatively affect productivity level. With WorkTime you get an exact picture of how your employees use company’s computers when they are actually idle and active during the working hours.


Monitor in cloud or on-premise

WorkTime can work as a cloud-based service (WorkTime Cloud) or as an on-premises software. With our cloud-based monitoring service we fully take care of your monitoring process and data; monitoring results are kept on our servers. With the on-premises solution all monitoring data is kept on your servers/computers.